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We are your ‘Business Solution Partner’ providing Strategies, Services and Tools that grow cosmetic revenue faster than the market rate. Our consulting services go well beyond observation and advice.

Our proven consulting strategies help your practice develop and implement strategies and business processes that convert more callers to consults. We help you get more patients into the OR.

Practice Enhancement Specialists is a can-do team of industry experts who fully understand the complexities and changing landscape faced by today’s cosmetic practices. We believe that surgical expertise is only one of the essential components of a successful practice. Business expertise, based on dependable data, measurable performance standards and innovative strategies is the other.

Our emphasis is on the business elements that matter most to your bottom line: Practice Productivity.

Staff productivity—Your staff is your most valuable asset, yet it is often the most underutilized resource. A truism in the world of cosmetic surgery is that you don’t control your practice, your staff does. Yet most staff members need more training and business tools to do their job effectively. They need a full understanding of what their job is and how it supports the practice’s goals. PES Consultants work with your staff to develop their skills and implement the business processes that drives your success. Our Secret Shopper Service is just one way in which we focus on your staff development. We are offering an introductory Secret Shopper price of $399 (Regular price $499.) Learn more.

Physician productivity often offers the greatest opportunity for income growth. We work with you to optimize your revenue-producing capacity in the OR. We help you take economic advantage of your skills and training using business principles and time management strategies that grow revenue.

It is clear that a practice grows in proportion to its ability to increase revenue in the OR. We develop specific strategies, based on your goals and your unique practice, to help you improve your bottom line within your current OR capacity. This approach requires a deep and specific understanding of cosmetic surgery, an understanding we have developed by working with hundreds of practices like yours.

PES consultants have helped build successful, better managed, and more profitable cosmetic practices across the country. We offer the services you need to compete effectively in today’s marketplace. Learn more about our expertise:



Plastic Surgery Consulting—Work side-by-side with our industry experts to grow your cosmetic practice. Our approaches focus on strategy and goal setting, execution and refinement of in-office policy and procedures. Our analysis and assistance is broad; we offer analysis and recommendations ranging from patient intake policies to overhead standards and benchmarking of financial performance.

Staff Development

Office Staff Development—Improve your plastic surgery practice’s office skills with our on site staff training, regional courses or through webinar training. We are one of the few sources of staff training geared specifically to aesthetic practice staff. Staff knowledge and performance is the most important factor in aesthetic practice performance.

New Practice Program

New Practice Program—Most physicians complain, "it would have been nice to have a few business classes before setting up my practice." PES understands this knowledge gap and offers custom tailored plans for senior residents to prepare for private practice. Services are completely customizable and range from regional site selection, budgeting, business plan and proforma preparation, staff selection and hiring, office policy and procedures development, financial modeling, QuickBooks setup, and ongoing monitoring. Pricing is reasonable and we understand the financial demands placed on new practices.

Websites & Search Marketing

Plastic Surgery Marketing—Stand out from your competition with our unique website designs, and get more leads with our advanced internet marketing for your practice. We also offer print design; from business cards to large format ads, we've got the experience to deliver great results.

We focus on your business so you can focus on your patients!

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