Use Information to Drive Action

To flourish, practices must make informed business decisions—rapidly and rationally. To make successful business decisions, you need timely and accurate information. Our sophisticated reporting can organize the information your practice collects and our ongoing reporting process can measure your practice against its goals, as well as identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Our strategies have been specifically tailored to the aesthetic medical field. Our team of consultants “partner” with you and provide in-depth analysis of the valuable information about your individual practice.
  • Based on our experience with hundreds of practices, we use your data and known performance metrics to help you pinpoint opportunities for growth and make informed business decision crucial to you success.
  • Convert callers into booked surgeries.

The right image presented in the right way with the right messages gets prospective patients interested enough to call. But getting the phone to ring is only the first step … and often the easiest. How you treat that caller, how you qualify them over the phone, how you gather information to understand their needs, and, most importantly, how you interact with them from the initial call through the consult, is what determines your success in taking your cosmetic practice from where it is today to where you want it to go.

The “average” practice in cosmetic surgery converts only 18% of incoming callers into surgery patients. Practice Enhancement Specialists’ client practices book 40–50% of their callers into surgeries. We can help you do the same.

We Tailor Our Services to Your Needs

Practice Enhancement Specialists provides a wide variety of consulting packages, including our Transformation program where we typically “partner” with your practice for 24 months, working hand-in-hand, on- and off-site, so that the strategies and processes we recommend and help implement have time to develop, take root, and grow.

Here, specifically, is what we can offer you and your staff:

  • Define a “selling” process that matches the patient’s “buying” process
  • Develop patient coordinator skills
  • Develop phone skills
  • Enhance your patients’ experience
  • Coach you in revenue management
  • Help you implement data-based decision-making
  • Maximize referral opportunities
  • …and most importantly, help you meet your personal and professional goals

And we’ll do more:

  • Help you identify practice goals and strategies that maximize the value of your practice
  • Create a marketing brand for your practice by identifying what makes you different from your competition
  • Help you choose and bring in an associate, hire an office manager, or train your staff in customer service and sales

For more information about our consulting services, call us at 800-994-6367 or contact us online. Learn more about our consulting services:

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