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Practices Need a New Set of Skills to Maximize the Opportunity Represented by Elective Surgery Patients

The practice of plastic surgery is changing. Strategies that used to work are no longer effective, just as previous advertising campaigns won’t work in today’s market. A new set of business skills is needed. Success will be determined by the extent that each practice—its staff, business processes, and service attitude—meets the specific needs of the elective surgery patient.

In the aesthetic arena, managing revenue is the key. This requires a different approach and depends on sophisticated business systems, data-based decision-making, and a highly trained and motivated team. Successful practices recognize the importance of proactively managing the interaction with prospective patients (i.e., the sales and revenue management process).

The aesthetic surgery marketplace is changing constantly. In today’s competitive environment, where patients have an increasing number of choices and the cost of generating leads is escalating, the efficiency of your sales management function is of paramount importance. To flourish, practices must make informed decisions rapidly and rationally. They need a sophisticated and an ongoing reporting process that tracks the progress of the practice against its goals and identifies areas that need attention.

The most valuable asset of a practice is its staff. In order to be successful, employees must have a clear understanding of practice goals and business processes. They must be well trained to perform the tasks they are assigned and highly motivated to help the physicians achieve their goals.

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