Training and Staff Development

Practice Enhancement Specialists provides the most comprehensive training programs designed to help your staff understand their role in the patient relationship lifecycle and to master the tools that enable you to monitor data and reach your practice goals.

Profitable cosmetic surgery practices distinguish themselves not only through surgical excellence, but also through timely, sensitive, and thorough communication with their patients. These practices understand the nuances of personalized communication at each step in the patient care cycle. The PES team enhances your staff’s ability to build skills and educates them on new concepts designed to help you book more surgeries and gain more referrals.

Investing in your staff can secure your future and keep you a step ahead of your competition.

Every cosmetic practice has very specific training needs—whether that involves maximizing the use and benefits of collected data or understanding their significant role in the cosmetic surgery sales cycle.

Your hidden or lost revenue

PES knows most practices' hidden or lost revenue can be found in the number of callers who do not make it to the schedule. We have proven processes to help practices convert more of the callers to surgery. There is no need to spend more money on marketing until you can convert more of the first calls (some are referred to as "shoppers.")

Whatever challenge your practice faces, we can help.

If you ever ask yourself any of the following questions, you are not alone. We have experience addressing these and other issues you may be facing.

  • Does your staff present the best “face” to the public?
  • Is your “No Show” rate too high?
  • Do you have new employees who need to be trained?
  • Do you know your Practice Capture Rate? (The % of callers who complete surgery.)
  • Do your website leads have the appropriate amount of follow-ups?
  • Is your staff aware of your goals?
  • Do you need help with developing a strategic plan for the current or coming year?

We do it your way.

Depending on your practice needs, Practice Enhancement Specialists has a variety of options to help you and your staff become more effective and better support the growth of your practice. For more information about our consulting services, call us at 800-994-6367 or contact us online. Find out more about the techniques we use to help train and develop your staff:

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