A well-organized team will save you time, money and worry!

Considering that as many as 78% of inquiries calling into practices fail to convert to surgeries, even the smallest inefficiencies in your office environment could be costing you valuable revenue. To optimize your office functions, Practice Enhancement Specialists (PES) is pleased to launch its Talent Recruiting and Human Resource Support Services.  Available in January 2015, this suite of offerings provides solutions for some of the most critical practice dilemmas.

Our Human Resource Support Services help improve practice functions

Talent Recruiting

  • Professionally written job placement ads and postings
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Initial interview and selection of top candidates
  • Compensation recommendations & salary negotiationsOffer letters
  • Personalized onboarding tools, follow up and support for new hires
  • Customized training tools for new and current staff
  • Onsite training

Human Resource Support

  • Customized written job descriptions
  • Create and implement employee review process
  • Design and update comprehensive employee manual
  • Devise customized employee incentive plans
  • Onsite practice evaluations and staff training

PES is a leading practice management consulting organization. We use our comprehensive knowledge and the data gained from prominent practices across the country, to isolate office and staff inefficiencies. Then, building on the highly successful models employed in our top performing practices, we devise a plan that ensures your staff is able to interact with potential and current patients in a way that increases appointments, conversions and retention rates while boosting the number of referrals.

PES consultants are looking forward to speaking with you and discussing how our Talent Recruiting and Human Resource Support Services can improve outcomes for your office. To find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us at 800.994.6367

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Talent Recruiting and Human Resource Support Services