Identity Design and Branding for Medical Practices

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A great and effective brand is memorable, clear, and eye-catching. Our professional designers have more than a decade of experience providing cosmetic surgery practices with materials that are proven to increase conversion rates.

Logo Design

Your logo is the centerpiece of your branding effort. It appears on everything, identifying your practice at a glance, so it’s important to get right the first time.

Printed Material Design

Branding takes many forms. Market testing has shown that a strong online presence needs to reinforced with printed materials, mailed or handed to potential patients. Attractive brochures, pocket folders, and stationery help to increase surgical bookings by communicating your unique message to patients. Those materials must reflect the surgeon's aesthetics and attention to detail.

We will design and produce all the printed material your practice needs.

Large Scale Advertising Design

In some markets, it's important to make a splash in the public space. At any scale, we have the skill to help you make a big impression.

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