Online Marketing to Gain an Audience ... and New Clients

You want to grow your plastic surgery practice. You understand the need for a website: it's the "face" of your business and it helps people find you. What then is SEO? Why is search engine optimization important? Isn't having a website enough?

Like advertising, only different

Just as you advertise in the real world through print or video, SEO advertises your practice in the online world. Technically, SEO refers to anything done to improve traffic to a website from search engines. Its short-term goals are the same as your print ads: to gain your practice visibility in a world of clutter. SEO works in the online world, one search query at a time.

The difference between real-world marketing and online marketing is that SEO can have lasting effects. Just as a gardener builds healthy soil before planting—knowing the soil will have long-term benefits for the crops—good, organic SEO can influence a site far into the future. While a print add runs its course and ends up in the trash, an online mention gets stored for a long time, where it continues to influence search engines. In this way, good SEO is like compounding interest—it builds up over time.

How SEO works

What's more, the interconnected nature of the Internet makes it possible to target potential patients more directly. How? By carefully positioning the right content in front of the right audience. The more you know about your audience, the better you can choose what search terms to target.

SEO works on a number of fronts. First, we optimize your website by adjusting the words you use to include keywords that matter to search engines. These on-site changes help make the purpose of each page clear to search engines, which in turn helps your site rank higher in searches. Second, we work to make your website a trusted source, a process that has many steps. This off-site work is about being mentioned, and linked to, from other trusted places on the web. Think of it as outreach to your electronic neighborhood. Third, we establish online interaction with your patients and potential patients using social media networks.

Search engine optimization is only the first step

It’s not just about adding keywords to your website; it’s about bringing customers to your office.

By starting marketing work with the audience in mind, we are doing SEO work that builds both traffic to your site, brand recognition, and actual leads. Once people trust you and like your practice, word of mouth spreads your name and grows your business. As your website rises in search engine results, it directly influences the number of actual contacts you receive.

That's when you know that SEO is working for you. That's how you know the work we are doing behind the scenes is paying off. Search engine optimization: the key to your success.

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